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Family Book
Gwnnett County, Georgia Families 1818-2005

Cost is $40 plus $5 postage & handling and $2 p&h for each additional book.
This indispensable second volume of families from 214 authors contains 461 Family Histories, and
324 Photographs on 1171 pages with a Full Name Index of 39,439 names.

Marriage Book
Gwinnett County, Georgia Marriages 1833-1900

Cost is $15 plus $5 postage & handling
and $2 p&h for each additional book.
336 pages listed by groom then by bride.

Winn House Book
The Elisha Winn House - Birthplace of Gwinnett County

Cost is $15 plus $5 postage & handling
and $2 p&h for each additional book.
This history of the Winn House and its owners is back in stock.

Winn House Book
Snellville Consolidated School
by Thomas H. Ewing. This 513 page book covers Snellville schools up through 1957, when the school became South Gwinnett. There are 47 chapters. Included are lists of students, teachers, Photos, and index.  $30.00

Winn House Book
200 Years of Snellville History
By James W. Cofer, Jr. Packed in this 536 page book are 21 chapters full of histories, statistics, photos and personal stories with index. This is a big book.  $35.00

History of Gwinnett County, Georgia 1818-1943 Vol. I
By J. C. Flanigan. The original county history. Chapters on the Indians, Fort Daniel, Geography, Lottery, Confederate years. (1995) Index. 502pp. $35.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia Families 1818-2005 (Reprint)
Not an update to "1818-1968". This book contains all new material and is essentially a second volume.  $40.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia: Marriages 1833 - 1900

Vanishing Gwinnett
Pictorial history of the county. Our most popular book. Autographed (1993) Index. 212pp. Sold Out

Vanishing Gwinnett II
By Dorsey Stancil. More scenes of bygone days. A companion volume of the highly acclaimed book Vanishing Gwinnett. Contains all new photos in eight sections including churches, schools, and family gatherings. (2001) Index. 288pp  $45.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1820, 1830, 1840 Censuses All three in one book. (1992) Index. 366pp. $nbsp;$10.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1850 Census
(1986) Index. 242pp. Sold Out

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1860 Census
(1996) Index. 322pp.  $10.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1870 Census
(1986) Index. 360pp. Sold Out

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1880 Census
Full Head of Household Index. (2005) 448pp Approx. 8 X 11  $10.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia 1900 Census Full Head of Household Index. (2003) 576pp Approx. 8 X 11  $10.00

Gwinnett County Georgia 1890 Tax Digest, With Land Lots A substitute for the lost 1890 Federal Census. Contains a listing of all tax payers in Gwinnett County in 1890. Most are probably heads of household. Other information available is the GA Militia District (GMD) in which the person lived. Also, on many persons, is the district, land lot, number of acres owned, and value of the property. (2002) 128pp. 8 X 11.  $10.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia: Inferior Court Minutes for Ordinary Purposes 1818-1861
This ledger survived the 1871 Courthouse fire. The only county source for names of early settlers. (1987) Index. 75pp.
Sold Out

Gwinnett County, Georgia Book B Marriage Licenses of Free Persons of Color 1866-1884 paperback book 8 x 11, 32pp. Sold Out

Gwinnett Churches(Reprint of 1911 edition)
Histories of 92 of Gwinnetts oldest churches with listing of members in 1911. By J.C. Flanigan. Index. 520pp.$10.00

Gwinnett County, Georgia Schools, 1923
Survey of schools with pictures and names of teachers. Index. 92pp (hardcover)
Sold Out

Winn House Book
Gwinnett County, Georgia Schools, 1923 (softcover)
Survey of schools with pictures and names of teachers. Index. 92pp.  $10.00

Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta(hardcover)
By Elliott Brack. (2011 edition) Index. 848pp. Sold Out

Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta(softcover)
By Elliott Brack. (2011 edition) Index. 848pp. Sold Out

About Lawrenceville (softcover)
By Mary Frazier Long. (2008) Index. 460pp. Sold Out

Weep Not For Me, Dear Mother (softcover)
By Elizabeth Whitley Roberson. (1998 edition) Index. 168pp.

Wartime letters of Eli Landers and family. Sold Out

Dear Father (softcover)
By Dolfe Vanalyne. (1998) Index. 108pp.

Wartime letters of the Nash family. Sold Out

Art Prints

Historic Courthouse by Judith Russell (11x14)  $5.00
Elisha Winn House by J. Marberry (12x9)  $3.00
Old Walnut Grove Schoolhouse by J. Marberry (12x9)  $3.00
Woodward's Mill by R. Mitchell(1975) (12x9)  $3.00
Freeman's/Alcovy Mill by Nita Davis (signed & numbered of 500) (14x11)  $10.00
Lawrenceville Campground by Nita Reed (signed & numbered of 250) (14x11)  $5.00
Lawrenceville Courthouse by Nita Reed Davis (signed) (14x11)  $5.00
Winn House by Nita Reed Davis (signed) (14x11)  $5.00
Chesser-Williams House by Nita Davis (signed) (14x11)  $5.00
Gordon Reed Barn (color) by Nita Davis (signed) (21x17)  $10.00
Plat of Lawrenceville (1877) (16x11)  $2.00


Back issues of The Heritage are available for $3.00 plus postage or can be viewed online in the Members Section.

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