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Belstaff Motorcycle Jackets Homemade pies are something that just cannot be replicated in grocery store bakeries, in my opinion.? One of my favorite memories of my childhood is luscious homemade cream pies.? In my small town, when I was growing up, chain restaurants were unheard of.? We had local restaurants and they each had their own pie bakers and boy, could they make tasty pies!? I hate going into restaurants today and seeing some of the stuff they serve as homemade pie; they don't have a clue.? This article has recipes for my late mother's Butterscotch Pie, a Custard Pie from an old lady who has been gone over 30 years, and an old fashion Lemon Pie.? Yum - enjoy! RUBY'S CUSTARD PIE This recipe is from an old family friend from my childhood. She worked at a little restaurant in my hometown and we would go there after church on Sunday. Her homemade pies were one of the things that drew people to this little restaurant week after week. Ruby has been gone for years and so has the restaurant but her pies live on in memory.? The directions for this pie are kind of rough.? However, I like to present these vintage recipes in their original form.? They just lose some of that vintage feel when we change them to read like today's recipes.Beat with a rotary beater 4 eggs.Then beat in 1/3 cup sugar with 1 tablespoon flour mixed in with sugar.1 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon nutmeg2 2/3 cups scalding milk1 tsp vanilla if desiredBake 450 for 15 minutes then 350 to finish 25 to 30 minutes.Test with a silver knife to see if custard is done through.Note: For you newer cooks who may not know, scalding milk means milk that has just been brought almost to a boil. And of course this goes in an unbaked pie shell.,Ah, as this cooler weather approaches we start to see many things change. We start drinking warmer drinks like pumpkin spice lattes. . . mmm definitely one of my favorites! We start seeing the leaves change to every shade of orange & brown imaginable. Yet, we can't forget the biggest change of all. . . the warmer clothes we get to wear. Not to mention, since this is a whole new season, we're looking at a whole new style - The FALL Fashions of 2014! This may be exciting for many but for pregnant women it's a challenge. Finding that 2014 fall outfit that looks cute, fits comfortably and isn't too far off from what you'd normally wear can be a pain in the butt. Then, to have to do that for every day of the week, now that's a challenge! At Mommy Appelseed Maternity Clothes we like to make things as easy as possible for all those expectant moms trying to look their best. So we've put together some 2014 Fall Fashion Tips. . . hopefully this helps!Go Natural with Neutrals. I'm sure we all have a handful of neutrals in our closet but don't pack away the grays, blacks and whites because you'll still find those to be useful even more with maternity clothes.Love, Love Layering. There's no better time than now to love layering. With every top you decide to wear, try adding a thin, colored tank underneath to throw in a division between upper and lower body. If wearing two tops is too much for you, try wearing a belly band that only covers the bottom half of your belly yet looks like an extra layer.Pregnant in Boots. Cute boots are everywhere! But be sure to pick up a pair of cute boots but make sure they're comfortable and not too high or you won't end up wearing them towards the end of your pregnancy.Military-Maternity. Khaki Green is in as well as touches of camo-print. Pair some khaki green maternity cargo's with your favorite pair black lace-up ankle boots.Crimson Red and Cobalt Blue. Liven things up with cobalt blue or with a touch of crimson red since all those neutrals will be needing a touch of color this fall. Mommy Appelseed Suggests: Bella Wrap Maternity Top piumino moncler "jackets like north face It is not new for celebrities to set trends. The stranger the dress-code, the faster it's copied! But often cool styles are released thanks to the boldness of the famous. Celebrityfashion is followed by all who aspire to be like them, those inspired by their work and worship them. Therefore, the piece can be a real fashion disaster, but if it is associated with a name of art, it is a guarantee of success.,Who's in hooded dress? It's Lindsay Lohan! See what all the stars wore the golden globes. The 23-year-old actress showed up to the InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globes after-party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in a Brian Lichtenberg sparkly mini-dress. She paired the silver frock with Fendi heels and Jason of Beverly Hills jewels. At the fete, Lohan held court at the bar before taking her drink to a table of friends. Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose arrived at the Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 fashion show Tuesday morning in typically striking outfits. The pair has been attending many shows at Paris fashion week. West looked dapper in a velvet blazer, but more striking was Rose's hooded, curve-hugging dress. Just last week Lindsay Lohan showed up at a Golden Globes party in hooded dress.This cute blonde Japanese girl was photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. Her outfit is quite simple by Harajuku standards �C where the girls often wear 10, 20, or 100+ layers of clothing �C but it works. She's wearing a hooded gray dress that says "Smile A Lot" on the front, black leather boots, and a black backpack. She's also got some Audio-Technica headphones around her neck, a scrunchy on one wrist, and a big colorful moon-and-stars earring in her right ear.I'm loving these hooded dresses which kind of like smocked dress and they are super hot for 2014. It can be casual, it can be dressy and could be added to any wardrobe. I've seen these hood dresses on the red carpet, I've seen it on the runway and it's a trend that anyone can really look good in. I love how some of the hooded dresses look more urban and sassy while others are more like a wrapped scarf, and some hooded dresses on the red carpet are like huge popped collars. I found a replica of the black and red stripped hood dress that Rihanna is wearing. A Style With Anna reader actually sent me an email looking for this dress, so I'm happy to share with you guys. Lindsey Lohan recently wore a super cute sparkly hooded dress that I will hopefully find a replica of soon. Either way, I think they're fun and I found some of my most favorite hooded dresses for every occasion. Online marketplace from China manufacturer like Topons is an expert in Hood dress with unique design and style.
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