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victoria secret outlet online I love clothes. For me, clothing is a form of self-expression just like paint on a canvas is a form of expression for an artist. So, over the years I've been known to scour the pages of fashion magazines for ideas. Sometimes I buy the magazines in the store, other times I subscribe to them for a year or more. Often times, when I flip through the pages, I get inspiration to combine colors, textures or styles in a way I hadn't thought of in the past.,Modern art has crafted a very interesting niche in the contemporary art world. From minimalist oil paintings to vaguely formed sculptures and twisted metalwork, the very definition of "art" has come to be far more fluid and personal. The intensity of the experience is also magnified from a personal viewing. Textbook pictures of paintings by Mark Rothko used to evoke an amused reaction from me, but when I saw a piece of his work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I was floored. An image I used to view as oddly simplistic and boring took on a completely new dimension when I was able to see it up close. Fashion is an oddly controversial subject. For some, fashion is life, and great inspiration is drawn from the modern art creations of haute-couture. To others, it is simply a shallow endeavor undertaken by those who have nothing to do but think about their hair.However,fashion emphasizes the idea that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Coco Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Betsey Johnson and UGG Australia have all appeared in New York's Fashion Week, and yet one would hardly think to pair a Chanel suit with the UGG Australia Classic Tall. Like the differences between Monet and Rothko, each designer offers a new interpretation for what can be created within their unique art form. nobis jackets sale "cheap north face womens jackets While fashion has always been used to divert the interest, whether it be towards or away from the object of our attention; our media insight into their world has also given us a greater understanding of their wardrobe.? When the latest celebrity marriage to hit the rocks of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hit the press, the world's media debated heavily the reasons behind it with everyone submitting their theories as to what could have caused the split in such an apparently solid union.? However, the answer could lie in something more visually striking as we let the clothes do the talking.? It was suggested that Lopez's first major magazine spread after the news, could provide the answers, as the American Idol judge is seen seductively draped in a full-length luscious fox fur coat for her shoot by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair.? Although Lopez has never been shy regarding her penchant towards fur fashion and has subsequently been previously lambasted for her love of fur; many say this was Lopez making a visually clever statement, proving that she was not a woman who will be told what she can and can't do.? It certainly sparked the speculation that the real reason for her marriage demise was her need to escape a controlled environment and regain her freedom in decision making.? After all, it was fur legends Fendi, that said, "[women pursued] the freedom to wear whatever they want" when optioning whether to don their favourite furs and the Lopez photographs certainly cemented the star's strong desire for autonomy.,New York Fashion Week is underway. In the Lincoln Center and in tents around Manhattan, models are dressed up, wearing faces of makeup and sky high stilettos, and showing off the clothing and designs made by fashion artists. Twelve years ago, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, the largest terrorist attack in American history devastated the lives of countless and permanently disrupted the peace of mind of New York City. It is recent history and still a fresh wound for many people intimately connected with the tragedy, but out of that horrible event came a silent and resilient strength. In honor of Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, and in memory of the 2,997 lives lost, Ma'mitons is going to take a look back into the chaotic and tragic day and the way it affected the Spring 2002 fashion week (for clarification: yes, it was the fall of 2001, but fashion lines show six months ahead of time. Why?It gives them time to produce the clothing for the season. Fall collections show in February �C it can be a little confusing at first, but just think about it being opposite of the current season you are in); though seemingly frivolous, there was a showing of American spirit that we all can be proud of.
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