Name: Fowler-048
Title: Family Reunion
Description: "From John Thompson: (left to right, back to front, highlighted) Lorraine was his mother. They lived on Lucky Street in L'ville. That's my mom, her sisters and brothers and grandpa and grandma Bramblett on front in chair. The pic was taken in Lilburn at Uncle Carls I believe as I was there. ...... Britt (I can't for the life of me remember the first name of my aunt on left. It is Jack and Butch Britt's mom from Grayson. Marge Britt...Red Bramblett...Eunice Thompson...Carl Bramblett...Wendt (sp) Bramblett...Lorraine Thompson...Maurice Bramblett. All women were Brambletts of course. Marcus Bramblett and my grandmom Bramblett. I called her granny and I should know her name but she died when I was very young." Nellie Fowler 2013 (see 120)
Year: 195x
Width of original image: 3 "
Height of original image: 2 "
Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: Yes
Donor: Nellie Fowler

Printworthy: Is the original (digital file or print) of sufficient quality to reproduce

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