Name: Fowler-001
Title: Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hamilton Fowler
Description: Nathan (1849-1922) and Amanda (1850-1917) "Herman Fowler's grandparents. She was the former Amanda Montgomery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Madison Montgomery. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Fowler . All were born in Gwinnett County." "This is one of those photos where people are not what they seem. He looks quite happy and easy going and she looks perturbed. Most of his grandchildren feared him--not my Dad, however--and he was notoriously hard to live with. Mandy, whom my Dad remembered very fondly, left Nathan at least once and came to my grandpa's for a while. He tried to persuade her to stay, but she returned home and shortly after killed herself by pouring kerosene over herself and setting herself on fire." Nellie Fowler 2013
Year: 190x
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Source: Print/Photograph
Printworthy: Yes
Donor: Nellie Fowler

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