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Executive Board Meeting Documents beginning November 2019

Back issues of The Heritage 2001-2019 are now up along with 1975-1992 and a few from the mid-90s.

The 1860 Tax Digest abstract

The 1864 Tax Digest abstract with detailed information

The 1888 Tax Digest abstract

The 1890 Tax Digest abstract

The Death/Cemetery Index (1818-2011)

1978 Survey of Homes

Confederates: a complete listing of all the men from Gwinnett who served during the war.
(Eventually to include genealogical and other information.)

Audio Tapes from the 1980s.
Criminal Evidence 1879-1897 pdf icon  Transcribed in its entirety by a couple of our members. While it's light on genealogy, it makes for interesting historical reading and contains surprisingly frank language.
Estate Administrations & Inventories 1854-1865 pdf icon
  Book 3 - indexed and briefly abstracted some time ago (by Alice McCabe?).
Slave Census from Administration Book 3 pdf icon

  Slave census (surname A through E) compiled from Book 3 with names, ages, and owners.

I desire to treat all my children alike. If I fail to do so,
I want them to understand it is an error of the head not the heart.
                                              - Robert Craig (will 1873)
Will Book 'D' pdf icon
  Pages 1-453 of 535 are briefly abstracted. Names in orange predate the fire and were re-recorded. These wills range from 1834-1892.

Will Book 'D' Index pdf icon

Coming soon