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Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
SCALES-CAMPBELL SCC Sheltonville Road at Chattahoochee River, nr. Shakerag. [7-238]
SHADOWBROOK SBS aka Suwanee Town. NW cor. US 23 & SR 317, next to Suwanee City Hall. 34.057581, -84.065456#http://34.057581, -84.065456#
SHADOWLAWN (Lwvl.) SHD S side US 29, E of Jackson St. 33.955395, -83.982908#http://33.955395, -83.982908#
SHADY GROVE (Forsyth Co) SGS Boyd Rd., Shakerag 34.058063, -84.135351#http://34.058063, -84.135351#
SHADY GROVE BAPT. AUB 2 mi. from Auburn 1882-93, then moved & became Auburn.
SHADY GROVE BAPT. (black) MCL See McCluskey of Harbins
SHANAHAN HNY See Haney of Snellville
SHILOH BAPT. SIN Org. 1868 in Norcross. Never had its own cemetery. See Singleton.
SHILOH BAPT. (Centerville) NE corner Ross Rd. and Shiloh Rd. 33.824959,-84.074035#http://33.824959,-84.074035#
SHILOH PRIM. BAPT. SHI See Walton Co. Cem. Book
SHOAL CREEK BAPT. SCB E of Buford Dam Rd., on Shoal Creek Rd. In 1957 had 182 graves moved here from several cemeteries by Corps of Engineers. 34.138770, -84.011682#http://34.138770, -84.011682#
SHOAL CREEK BAPT. (Old) SCR aka Hammond, Garrett Rd., Buford. Most graves moved 1957, those without permission for removal were left to be flooded by Lake Lanier.
SINGLETON SIN aka Shiloh Bapt. SE cor. Peachtree Corners Circle & Spalding Dr. 33.967835, -84.239146#http://33.967835, -84.239146#
SLAVES SLA Edge of Prince of Peace rectory, S. Lee St., Buford 34.100422, -84.001714#http://34.100422, -84.001714#
Slaves of Sam Rawlins SSR Originally shown as being “behind 2770 Temple Johnson Rd., 15+ markers, no inscriptions”. Heavily cleared by/for development Alan Doss (2005) [5-1] 33.815912, -83.999923#http://33.815912, -83.999923#
SMITH-BURSON SBU Waterworks Rd. At SR 347, .2 mi. inside Hall Co. 34.143457, -83.987638#http://34.143457, -83.987638#
SNELLVILLE SNL N. side US 78 at Wisteria, Snellville 33.856952, -84.013237#http://33.856952, -84.013237#
SODOM SOD aka Henry. S. side Hightower Trl. at Rockdale Co. LL344 33.755733, -84.020150#http://33.755733, -84.020150#
SPENCER HILL BAPT. (black) UNB Graves moved in 1957 from original site (Unknown) for Lake Lanier Flooding. Reinterred at UNB.
STANFORD STA NE corner Luther Wages Road at Phillips Road 33.917358, -83.834828#http://33.917358, -83.834828#
STANLEY STL E side Stanley Road at Pipeline. 33.984318, -83.917943#http://33.984318, -83.917943#
STEEL STE International Blvd. Between office buildings at 1649 International Court Norcross 33.93518, -84.14535#http://33.93518, -84.14535#
STRICKLAND See Forsyth Co. Cem. Book
STRICKLAND, Henry PAR See Parsons
STRICKLAND, Isaac STR aka Gilbert. Old Peachtree Rd. Duluth, 1.5 mi. SE of US 23. 34.008931, -84.118096#http://34.008931, -84.118096#
STRICKLAND, Mathew STM S. side Hutchins Ferry Rd., Suw. 34.060849, -84.101984#http://34.060849, -84.101984#
STRICKLAND, Wilson CNS See Connally-Strickland
STRICKLAND-TERRY aka Shakerag / Kemp / Tuggle / Little-Terry. See Forsyth Co. Cem. Book 34.05222674, -84.11545001#http://34.05222674, -84.11545001#
SUDDERTH SUD In woods off of Hutchins Street. No path, not visible from road. Single plot inside chainlink fence. Moved in 2016 to Hillcrest(Buford City Cem). 34.111200, -84.001955#http://34.111200, -84.001955#
SUGAR HILL BAPT. (Org. 1886) SHB Broad St. at Temple Dr., Buford 34.107353, -84.037569#http://34.107353, -84.037569#
SUWANEE (Old) SUW Old Suwanee Road near Woodward Mill 34.079743, -84.028281#http://34.079743, -84.028281#
SUWANEE BAPT. (Org. 1828) SUW See Old Suwanee. Church never had cemetery.
SUWANEE METH. (Org. 1876) SWM 603 Scales Rd, top of hill 34.05320646, -84.07416352#http://34.05320646, -84.07416352#
SUWANEE NEGRO FRB See Freeman (black)
SWEETWATER PRIM. BAPT. (Org. 1824) SWP E. side Pleasant Hill Rd., N. of Cruse Rd. 33.927578, -84.114927#http://33.927578, -84.114927#
TANNER In a clump of trees by driveway of 285 Fiddler's Trail, Auburn 33.995131, -83.824175#http://33.995131, -83.824175#
TANNER TAN Thompson Mill Rd., 316 district
TANNER II (TNR?) Possibly Webb-Jacobs. Old Snellville Hwy, turn in to Crews Middle School, far east corner of property on hill, low stone fence around graves. 33.90841789, -84.00816685#http://33.90841789, -84.00816685#
TAYLOR TAY aka Old Collins Hill Bapt. Behind 1814 Collins Hill Rd., 2.5 mi. N of Hurricane Shoals Rd. Church torn down 1964 & rebuilt S of this site. [R7-088-008]
TEAGUE TEA S side Rock Springs Road, 2 mi. E of SR 20. 991 Rock Springs Rd. 34.048383, -84.003551#http://34.048383, -84.003551#
THOMPSON-McELHANNON TME Bethlehem, nr. Walton Co.
TIMMS TMS NW of Hog Mt. Rd., E of Mineral Springs, S of SR 124 (In John Timms' will - 1878)
TOWLER HIG See Higgins-Towler
TOWNSEND TWN Tombstone found 1988 on side of road by Gwinnett Co. Police
TRINITY METH. (Org. 1886) TMC 1158 Old Peachtree Rd., Duluth. Reorganized in 1903 as New Trinity Christian now Trinity United Methodist. 34.001154, -84.079320#http://34.001154, -84.079320#
TUGGLE TUG S side Thompson Mill Rd., E of Spout Springs Rd. 34.108712, -83.864770#http://34.108712, -83.864770#
UNION BAPT. (black) UNB NE side Bell & Alexander Streets, Buford 34.12222980, -84.01096858#http://34.12222980, -84.01096858#
UNION GROVE BAPT. (Org. 1879) UGB South side Fence Road. at Union Grove Circle, Auburn 34.038050, -83.866736#http://34.038050, -83.866736#
UPCHURCH UPC NW side Bethesda Church Road between Winn Drive & Ronald Reagan. 33.90669, -84.08216#http://33.90669, -84.08216#
VISITATION MONASTERY VST 2055 Ridgedale Rd., Snellville. Monastery of the Visitation of Holy Mary of Atlanta. Nuns' graves moved here in 1974 from Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta 33.8753889, -083.9982500#http:// 33.8753889, -083.9982500#
WAGES STA See Stanford
WAITS WAI Behind 4003 Everett Court, Timbers Subdiv., Norcross [6-318-123]
WALLACE Pleasant Hill Road SW corner of Cruse. Cemetery moved 1998
WALLIS WAL SW cor. Indian Trial Road at Burns. Mocking Bird Lake Subdiv. [R6-160-272]
WALNUT GROVE BAPT. (Org. 1872) WGB On SR 124, .5 mi. NE of SR 20 33.992370, -83.978702#http://33.992370, -83.978702#
WARSAW CHURCH (Fulton Co.) WRS Medlock Bridge(SR 141) N of State Bridge Road 34.02580, -84.19000#http://34.02580, -84.19000#
WATERS WTR SW cor. Puckett & Friendship Roads. Hall Co .25 mi. from Gwinnett. Property owner asks visitors to contact him first.
WATERS (black) GOO See Goodwin
WEAVER WEA Behind 4195 Lake Mist Lane SW, Lithonia, deep in woods, over two creeks & waterfall. [R6-003-166]
WEED GSH See Gresham-Weed, DeKalb Co.
WHALEY WHA S of US 78, behind 2225 Hudson Dr., Snellville [6-056-013a] 33.825218, -84.092406#http://33.825218, -84.092406#
WHEELER-BRYANT WLR aka Edwards/Johnson. Off Thompson Mill Rd. on Bryant Rd., Buford 34.124976, -83.974717#http://34.124976, -83.974717#
WHITE CHAPEL Corner of Pleasant Hill & I-85, near Gwinnett Place 33.951422, -84.127640#http://33.951422, -84.127640#
WILLIAMS, Isham WIL S. side Old Norcross Rd., E. of Yellow River [7-006-010]
WILLIAMS, William Pittman WPW Behind 2535 Springdale Rd. 33.836723, -84.004330#http://33.836723, -84.004330#
WINN, John WIN In front of 1428 Herrington Rd. Lwvl. 33.95870, -84.08067#http://33.95870, -84.08067#
WORTHY WOR Pinkneyville Crossroads
WRIGHT WRI New section of Norcross Town Cem. 33.937634, -84.210428#http://33.937634, -84.210428#
WYNN-RUSSELL WYN Once on S side US 29, graves moved 1985 to N side beside Wynne-Russell House at 4685 Wynne-Russell Drive, Lilburn. 33.899107, -84.137876#http://33.899107, -84.137876#

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