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Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
MAGUIRE (black) MGC 3d house on rt. after Pinehurst on SR 84, Grayson. Destroyed when road widened.
MAHAFFEY-JORDAN-JILES MAH E side McCart Rd., S of Paper Mill Rd. 33.943750, -83.954640#http://33.943750, -83.954640#
MALONEY EID See Eidson of Norcross
MANSFIELD HGM In rear of Harmony Grove, Lilburn
MARTIN-JONES (black) JNM See Jones-Martin, Fulton Co.
MARTINS CHAPEL METHODIST (Org. 1867) MRC E side Martins Chapel Road, 2 mi. SE of Lwvl. 33.947808, -83.927304#http://33.947808, -83.927304#
MASON ORK See Old Rockbridge Bapt.
MATTHEWS MTB Mulberry Rd., Winder
MATTHEWS, Henry MHW 1360 Indian Trail (was 1384 Hillcrest Rd) Norcross 33.917827, -84.163954#http://33.917827, -84.163954#
MATTHEWS, Rev. Thomas MTH Behind old Matthews-Young home, off Wynn-Russell Road behind Shady Drive, Lilburn 33.90333388, -84.13375055#http://33.90333388, -84.13375055#
MATTHEWS, Thos. & Nancy MWS NE cor. Killian Hill & RR. Paved over. Graves moved in 1996 to Luxomni Baptist Church Cemetery.
McCART MCC See Mahaffey-Jordan-Jiles
McCLUSKEY (black) MCL aka Shady Grove Bapt., S of US 29 via New Hope & Luke Edwards roads, S of Indian Shoals Rd. 33.910661, -83.854675#http://33.910661, -83.854675#
McCURDY RAW See Rawlins-Boring
McELVANEY MCE On Vulcan land, behind 2949 Hoke O'Kelley Rd., Grayson [5-195-002]
McKENDREE METH (Org. 1883) MKM W of SR 317 on McKendree Church Rd. 33.989093, -84.029046#http://33.989093, -84.029046#
McKINNEY MKN In front of Calvary Bapt., N side US 29 Lilburn. Markers rearranged, not in original positions. [6-146-12b]
McMILLIAN MLN Old Drowning Creek Road, between Ewing Chapel & Harbin Roads. [5-278-004]
MEDLOCK CHAPEL FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
MEWBORN-BOGGS MEW Boggs farm, mi. W of SR 120, Lawrenceville. Destroyed
MIDWAY METH. (Old) RKS See Rakestraw
MIDWAY METH. (Org. 1846) MMB On Old Lawrenceville-Jefferson Rd., E of Carl. 33.998591, -83.821778#http://33.998591, -83.821778#
MILLER MIL Miller Road between Garner & Cole Roads, Lilburn 33.860753, -84.123220#http://33.860753, -84.123220#
MILLS MLS On Killian Hill Rd. (possibly tract 371 in land lot 83) [R6-083-010]
MINOR AND See Anderson-Maguire-Minor
MINOR (black) MNR In grove near Annistown
MOON JON See Johnson
MOONEYHAM-MOOR LHM See Liberty Hill Missionary Bapt.
MOORE, John MOO 2 mi. from Level Creek Ch. on rd. leading to SR 20 [7-290-003]
MOORE-HARRIS MRH Off Rosedale Road behind 2588 Creek Terrace Rd., Snellville [6-050-004]
MORGAN MGN Hog Mt.-Braselton Rd. nr. Mineral Springs Rd. betw. Mt. Moriah & Antioch churches.
MORGAN MOR E side GA 211. Barrow Co
MORROW MRW Was on E side Warren Morrow Rd. in Arrowhead Sub. Reinterred in 1996 at Gwinnett Mem. Gardens.
MT. CALVARY M. E. (Est. 1860) MCM aka Old Crossroads Meth-Epis. (Org. 1836) [DeKalb 18-253]
MT. CARMEL BAPT. (black) MCB W side Church St., S of US 23, Duluth 34.003551, -84.137655#http://34.003551, -84.137655#
MT. CARMEL METH. (Org. 1827) MTC 5100 S. Peachtree Rd., Norcross [6-286-026]
MT. MORIAH BAPT. (Org. 1819) MMB S side SR 124 near Barrow Co. 34.070043, -83.856931#http://34.070043, -83.856931#
MT. PLEASANT BAPT. (Org. 1860) OFB See Old Field Baptist
MT. TABOR BAPT. (Duluth) HPR See Hooper. Church never had cemetery.
MT. VERNON BAPT. (Org. 1874) OAK See Oakland Community
MT. ZION BAPT. MZB W side SR 124, Snellville, across from Mt. Zion Ch. Rd. 33.888935, -84.010419#http://33.888935, -84.010419#
MT. ZION BAPT. (Old) OMZ See Old Mt. Zion Bapt.
MT. ZION METH. (black) MZM 285 Dacula Rd., Dacula. Formerly African Meth.-Episcopal 33.994636, -83.899909#http://33.994636, -83.899909#
MULBERRY BAPT. MUL Org. in 1876 in Jackson Co. This is second site, Thompson Mill Rd. 34.114383, -83.836609#http://34.114383, -83.836609#
Muslim Cemetery of Lawrenceville 1849 New Hope Road, E of Grayson-New Hope Road 33.922095, -83.915482#http://33.922095, -83.915482#
NASH, Lewis LEN See Lee-Nash
NASH, Walker NWL S side River Road at Louis Road. Lilburn [6-110-002]
NAZARETH METH. (Est. 1874) NAZ Between County Line Road & Jefferson Road. 34.027426, -83.775167#http://34.027426, -83.775167#
NESBIT NSB S. side US 29, W. of Jimmy Carter at DeKalb line. 33.867307, -84.190257#http://33.867307, -84.190257#
NESBITT NBT Near 3802 Medlock Bridge Road. Also Nesbitt-Stephens. Cemetery in trees between homes #3802 and #3812 per GHS map. Clara Nesbit home (c.1920) at 3776 Medlock Bridge Rd, Norcross. Now 5058 Wickford Dr (2016) 33.980125, -84.210319#http://33.980125, -84.210319#
NEW BETHANY BAPT. NBH Holiday Rd. Graves moved here to form Lake Lanier 34.159244, -83.994080#http://34.159244, -83.994080#
NEW BETHEL AME (black) NBL Formerly Bethel. N side SR 124 at Yellow River & River Edge Subdivision. 33.773313, -84.057455#http://33.773313, -84.057455#
NEW HOPE METH. (Old) PRT See Pruett at Tribble Mill
NEW HOPE METH. (Org. 1880) NHM New Hope Rd., S. of Bramblett Shoals. 33.923501, -83.915007#http://33.923501, -83.915007#
NEW PROSPECT METH. (Org. 1880) NPM E side Buford Dam Rd., N of Dodd Rd., Buford 34.146102, -84.026664#http://34.146102, -84.026664#
NEW ROCK SPGS. BAPT. NRS W Drowning Creek Rd., E of Harbins Rd. 33.976779, -83.868369#http://33.976779, -83.868369#
NIX NIX 1451 SR 84, Grayson, NW of Ridgedale. [5-090-004]. Moved to Chestnut Grove(CGB) in 2000.
NORCROSS (black) HOP See Hopewell Baptist
NORCROSS METH. FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
NORCROSS TOWN NOT 343 Cemetery St. New section aka Wright Cemetery. 33.938297, -84.209419#http://33.938297, -84.209419#
OAKLAND COMMUNITY OAK aka Mt. Vernon Baptist, New Hope Christian. Old Norcross Rd., NE of Oakland Rd. 33.951717, -84.061605#http://33.951717, -84.061605#
O'KELLEY OKE SR 20 N of Rosebud Road, Caleb [4-298-002]
O'KELLEY CHAPEL BAPT. (black) OKC Centerville-Rosebud Rd. 33.79431, -83.97856#http://33.79431, -83.97856#
OLD APPALACHEE BAPT. OLA aka Hill. W side Appalachee River [5-336]
OLD BETHABRA BTO See Bethabra Bapt, Old
OLD CROSSROADS METH.-EPIS. MCM See Mt. Calvary Methodist Episcopal
OLD EWING CHAPEL BAPT. OEC W side Ewing Chapel Road in woods, .7 mi. S of Brooks Road. [5-248-002] 33.938803, -83.894958#http://33.938803, -83.894958#
OLD FIELD BAPTIST OFB Originally Mt. Pleasant now Peachtree Road Bapt. 34.024726, -84.047534#http://34.024726, -84.047534#
OLD HARMONY FHM See Flint Hill Methodist

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