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Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
HERRINGTON HRN Behind Juhan Herrington old farm - in woods nr. Herrington Rd.
HIGGINS-TOWLER HIG S side Brooks Rd., .4 mi. W of Ewing Chapel Rd. near side of road. Two headstones, many fieldstones 33.944091,-83.902781#http://33.944091,-83.902781#
HILL OLA See Old Appalachee Bapt. Church
HILLCREST HLC aka Sec. 7, Buford City. Between Little Mill Rd. & Church St. 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
HOG MOUNTAIN BAPTIST (New) HMB SR 124, N. of SR 324 34.053435, -83.926002#http://34.053435, -83.926002#
HOG MT.BAPT. (Old) OHM See Old Hog Mt. Baptist
HOLEMAN HLM On road from Hog Mt. Court House N to Gravel Springs Bapt. [7-094]
HOLMES HOM Moon Place Rd., .7 mi. from Webb Gin House Rd. [5-054-002]
HOLT-JUHAN HLT Manitou Way, Centerville. Behind 7346 Timberline Way near Waters Edge [6-025-132]
HOOPER HPR aka Mt. Tabor Bapt., Duluth. Single Hooper grave moved to Shadowlawn. No Cemetery there now.
HOPEWELL BAPT. (black) (Org. 1866) HOP aka Norcross Black Cem. 82 Hunter St. Many graves lost for church expansion in 1988. 33.937861, -84.221296#http://33.937861, -84.221296#
HOPEWELL CHRISTIAN (Org. 1866) HPC N side Old Peachtree Road, Suwanee 34.038806, -84.018650#http://34.038806, -84.018650#
HOWELL-AUSTIN HOW 1125 Old Norcross Rd., Lwvl. [5-112-254]
HUDSON HUD About 100 yards up hill in woods in back of 1114 Nash Spring Drive off Five Forks-Trickum Road, Lawrenceville. 33.872735, -84.072124#http://33.872735, -84.072124#
HUFF, John A. HFF By narrow guage RR (Huff Station) near McKendree Church [7-070]
HUNTER HUN aka Ethridge-Butler. W side Bold Springs Road S of Harbins. [5-324-3 or 5-327-33] 33.9200194, -83.8239389#http://33.9200194, -83.8239389#
INDIANS I IND 200 ft. behind Elisha Winn house, Dacula Rd. Markers destroyed by logging.
INDIANS II INJ SE cor. US 78 & Highpoint Rd., Snellville. Businesses on top of graves.
ISLAND FORD BAPT. (Org. 1833) IFB SE side Island Ford Rd., off Buford Dam Rd. 34.144385, -84.074687#http://34.144385, -84.074687#
IVY CREEK BAPT. ICB N side Ivy Creek Rd. NE of SR 324 34.069915, -83.954310#http://34.069915, -83.954310#
IVY PRIMITIVE BAPT. (Org. 1854) IPB Rock Springs Rd., mi. E of SR 20, Hog Mt. 34.049572, -83.983846#http://34.049572, -83.983846#
JACKSON JAC County Line-Auburn Road, past Parks Mill Road, in woods.
JACOBS JCB N side US 78, E of Snellville, W of Langley Dr. 33.854726, -83.931528#http://33.854726, -83.931528#
Jacobs, John E. JEJ Possibly Hope Hollow Road(HHR) - origin of JEJ name unknown. On Grayson HS property. Fenced & padlocked. 33.871602, -83.924174#http://33.871602, -83.924174#
JENNINGS-DODD JND 2812 Fence Road, Dacula. 34.007194, -83.893306#http://34.007194, -83.893306#
JETT (black) (DeKalb Co) JET aka Greater Mount Carmel AME. Winters Chapel & New Peachtree Road, Doraville 33.90973204, -84.26996872#http://33.90973204, -84.26996872#
JOHNSON JON W side Ridgedale Road, S of Pharr Road, Snellville. 33.879116, -83.998444#http://33.879116, -83.998444#
JOHNSON, Williamson JOW Between 1447 & 1457 Sartor Ct., Ramblin Woods Subdiv. [7-072-105] 33.97796476, -84.05657846#http://33.97796476, -84.05657846#
JOHNSON, Wm. WLR See Wheeler of Buford
JOHNSTON HAL See Hale of Lilburn.
JONES-MARTIN (black) JNM Across Chattahoochee River from Jones Bridge Pk, behind caretaker's trailer.
JORDAN, J. T. JTJ Behind 608 Mallory Ct., Lilburn. [6-098-321]
KELLEY, Oliver LIE See Lietch
KILGORE KLG 2 mi. E of Snellville, near M. L. Hornbuckle res. [5-131-101]
KING BNK See Buchanan-King of Lilburn
KING DOU See Douglass-King of Suwanee
KIRBO KIR N side SR 53, Houschton dst. near Watkins Rd.
KIRKLAND BEN See Bentley of Norcross
KNIGHT, David KNI Behind his barn, Snellville (Sycamore & Pinehurst?) [5-071-001]
LAKE LANIER Graves moved in 1956 by Corps of Engineers to form Lake Lanier. Reinterments in various cemeteries. Permission sought from each family to move graves; if not given, graves were left to be flooded.
LANGLEY LNG S side Suwanee Creek Road near #3544. 34.028259, -84.086284#http://34.028259, -84.086284#
LANIER-BANKSTON LAB Behind 2861 Tony Drive, E of Oak Rd. N of Five Forks. [5-013-019]
LAWRENCEVILLE TOWN LTC aka Old Lwvl. Meth. on E Pike & US 29. 33.957339, -83.982200#http://33.957339, -83.982200#
LEBANON BAPT. (Org. 1914) LEB W side Sever Road, S of Old Peachtree at I-85 33.996257, -84.073225#http://33.996257, -84.073225#
LEE LEE Near SR 124, Lithonia. [R4-345/349]
LEE-NASH LEN E side Gwens Trail, S of Five Forks, W of Yellow River [6-089-004f]
LENORA BAPT. (Est. 1915) LRA NW cor. Lenora Ch. Rd. & Centerville-Rosebud Rd. 33.800301, -84.002035#http://33.800301, -84.002035#
LEVEL CREEK METH. (Old) OLC See Old Level Creek Meth.
LEVEL CREEK METHODIST (Est. 1838) LCM Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road at Level Creek Road 34.084251, -84.073056#http://34.084251, -84.073056#
LIBERTY BAPT. (Org. 1840) LIB aka Lilburn First Baptist., S. side US 29 at Church St. 33.890558, -84.142488#http://33.890558, -84.142488#
LIBERTY HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST LHM aka Mooneyham-Moor-Harbin. S side Hope Road, .5 mi. W of Luke Edwards Rd. [5-261-160] (entrance of Stone Haven subdivision) 33.91500,   -83.86755#http://33.91500,   -83.86755#
LIBERTY MISSIONARY BAPT. (1st bur. 1976) LMB S side Level Creek Road between North Gwinnett High School & Sugar Hill. 34.08823544, -84.06079145#http://34.08823544, -84.06079145#
LIETCH-CAMPBELL LIE 1854 Button Gwinnett Place, Norcross. 2nd house from Rockbridge Rd. Grave markers moved, disarranged when houses built in c. 1970 [6-170-099]. Updated address is 5930 Button Gwinnett Pl.
LITTLETON, Peter FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
LIVSEY LIV Behind 3460 Briar Ridge Lane, S of Caleb & E of Mink Livsey Road. Chain link fence surrounding the cemetery area was erected as an Eagle Scout project. 33.795889, -84.017556#http://33.795889, -84.017556#
LOCKRIDGE-CRAFT LKD E side SR 317, N of I-85, across from Old Annandale Rd.(now a Lowe's), Suwanee. No headstones just field stones 34.037205, -84.052610#http://34.037205, -84.052610#
LOCKRIDGE-HERRINGTON-CHESSER LKR Suwanee Creek Road, .25 mi NW of Wildwood Road, cem. on East. Behind 1240 St. Ives Court, Suwanee [7-166-18] 34.020589, -84.078287#http://34.020589, -84.078287#
LONG LOG Rosebud Rd., Grayson
LORDSMAN BAPTIST LDS S side SR 124, near Crowe's Lake, E of Old Peachtree. Later Rolling Hills Church now Gwinnett Romanian Baptist Church (2016). Two known burials both moved. 34.035436, -83.951351#http://34.035436, -83.951351#
LOVELESS (Est. 1886) LOV aka South View. W side Harbins Rd., .75 mi. S of US 29, Dacula. Mausoleum and headstones inside rock wall 33.982252, -83.893735#http://33.982252, -83.893735#
LOWERY, Gus LOW Bur. near Duluth home 34.018974, -84.134226#http://34.018974, -84.134226#
LUXOMNI BAPT. (Org. 1895) LUX W side Luxomni Rd., S of US 29 33.899619, -84.116270#http://33.899619, -84.116270#
Macedonia African Methodist (Fulton Co.) E side Hwy 141, 0.4 mile S of Warsaw Cemetery and 0.15 miles N of Medlock Bridge and State Bridge intersection. Cemetery can be entered using its dirt road off Medlock Bridge access road to the shopping center. The church was demolished. Fulton County 34.02015892,-84.18815590#http://34.02015892,-84.18815590#
MAGUIRE AND See Anderson

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