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Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
BROWNLEE BRL W side Bethesda Church Rd. within new County Park 33.90268726, -84.08615006#http://33.90268726, -84.08615006#
BROWN-THOMPSON BRW Herrington Rd., NW of SR 316. No markers [7-075-004] 33.964494, -84.079122#http://33.964494, -84.079122#
BRUMBELOW, Isaac BRI Across from 4165 Berkley Lake Road S. No markers 33.982278, -84.187728#http://33.982278, -84.187728#
BRUMBELOW, Lindsey BRM E side Berkley Lake Rd., S at Ridge Rd [6-288-024] 33.975641, -84.184887#http://33.975641, -84.184887#
BRYAN BRY Was behind 2057 E Main St., Snellville. Moved 1990 to BBC
BRYANT-WHEELER WHE See Wheeler-Bryant, Buford
BUCHANAN-KING BNK Between 4483 & 4493 Burns Rd., Lilburn 33.910160, -84.137608#http://33.910160, -84.137608#
BUFORD (Section 2) BFD 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 3) BUD 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 4) BDD 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 5) BFF 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 6) BUU 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 7) HLC See Hillcrest
BUFORD CITY (Section 1) BUF Little Mill Rd., Buford 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUGGTOWN (black) BGT aka DEAN or FARMERS CHAPEL, Access is from Dean Road (34.002490, -84.061571) 34.003134, -84.059626#http://34.003134, -84.059626#
BURGE BGE Bay Colony Drive, Norcross, near DeKalb Co. line [6-281-027]
BURSON (Hall Co.) SMB See Smith-Burson
CADLE-McKERLEY CAD Off Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth 33.983917, -84.153386#http://33.983917, -84.153386#
CAIN CAI Dee Kennedy Rd. at SR 124, Hog. Mtn. Gone by 1984. Burials likely intact (Probable location) 34.072170, -83.844433#http://34.072170, -83.844433#
CALAWAY CAL Two graves in plot on hill at corner of Suwanee Dam & Buford Dam Rd., overlooking Lanier Middle School, may be more unmarked graves nearby 34.147654, -84.062820#http://34.147654, -84.062820#
CAMP CREEK PRIM. BAPT.(Org. 1823) CCP Church St., Lilburn 33.876518, -84.128270#http://33.876518, -84.128270#
CAMPBELL CPB Centerville-Rosebud Rd. at Zoar Ch. Rd. [6-014-052]
CAMPBELL-KELLY (Lilburn) LIE See Lietch
CANNON CAN Behind 1996 Rockdale Cr., Snellville [R5-061-336]
CARL TOWN CTC N. of US 29, behind water tower in Carl. On Cemetery Road 34.007780, -83.811550#http://34.007780, -83.811550#
CARRELL CRL Old Norcross-Tucker Rd., Norcross [6-191?]
CARROLL CAR Was on NW corner Rockbridge Rd.(spur now John Carroll Rd) & US 29. Moved 1987 to LIB.
CATES CAT S side Webb Gin House Rd., 1.5 mi. E of SR 124 33.908668, -83.983640#http://33.908668, -83.983640#
CEDAR CREEK BAPT (Org. 1851) CED Cedar Creek Rd., Winder 33.996975, -83.751689#http://33.996975, -83.751689#
CENTER HILL BAPT. (Loganville) CEN 33.790541, -83.953656#http://33.790541, -83.953656#
CENTERVILLE ZMC See Zoar Methodist
CHANDLER-RICE CND 5304 Cumberland Dr., off Deshong Rd., Centerville [6-040-163] 33.796740, -84.095619#http://33.796740, -84.095619#
CHAPEL CHRISTIAN Walton Co (Jackson Co?) 33.974248, -83.680564#http://33.974248, -83.680564#
CHESSER LKR See Lockridge-Herrington
CHESTNUT GROVE BAPT.(Org. 1850) CGB S side Grayson-Rosebud Road, Grayson 33.884788, -83.959239#http://33.884788, -83.959239#
CLACK CLK E. of SR 324 off Fence Rd., N. on Clack Rd., .25 mi. on left. 34.050566, -83.858556#http://34.050566, -83.858556#
CLOUD CLD Was on S. Lee St. .5 mi. S of US 23, moved 1994 to BUF. Also Anglin-Cloud
COFER-HAZELRIGS CFR Foxmoor Subdivision, in woods after first house on left on Lee-Ho Lane. 33.886951, -84.090694#http://33.886951, -84.090694#
COLLINS HILL BAPT. (Org. 1906) CHB W side Collins Hill Rd., N of SR 316 33.998165, -84.013761#http://33.998165, -84.013761#
CONCORD METH. CNC Athens St., Winder 33.994224, -83.723872#http://33.994224, -83.723872#
CONNALLY-STRICKLAND CNS Off Settles Bridge & Moore Rds, Suwanee [7-285-006] 34.07810, -84.09530#http://34.07810, -84.09530#
COOPER/COOPER WOODS COO mi. W of Grayson-Rosebud Rd. on US 78 Snellville. Behind 405 or 375 Loganville Rd. across two fields. [R5-092]
CORDURY-ROGERS (Fulton Co.) CRD Off Rogers Bridge Rd., Duluth 34.041538, -84.142962#http://34.041538, -84.142962#
CORINTH METH. (Old) RKS See Rakestraw
CORINTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CNT aka RAWLINS, Rockbridge Rd 33.826311, -84.123283#http://33.826311, -84.123283#
COSBY-HARDIGREE CSH Hammond & Bowman Mill Rds. Barrow Co (was Jackson Co) 33.978458, -83.642490#http://33.978458, -83.642490#
COURTHOUSE SQUARE CHS NW cor. old Courthouse Square, Lawrenceville 33.957092, -83.989298#http://33.957092, -83.989298#
CRAIG (black) CRG Off Huston Road SW of US 29. [5-82]
CRAIG, Robt. CRA SW of home on Five Forks-Trickum Rd. 33.916348, -84.018296#http://33.916348, -84.018296#
CRAWFORD/CROWFORD CRF NE side Meadow Church Way, one lot in from SR 120.Relocated to Hillcrest Cemetery, Buford (2005) (34.12080685, -84.01486323) 33.979071, -84.102899#http://33.979071, -84.102899#
CROSS ROADS METH. (Old) MCM See Mt. Calvary Meth.
CROSSROADS BAPT. (Forsyth Co.) CRB Some graves moved here in 1956 by Corps of Engineers from area to be flooded by Lake Lanier
CRUCE-CRUSE CRU S. off Club Dr., end of utility rd., across from water plant [6-179-034]
DACULA FIRST BAPTIST Dacula Town (DAC)? 33.987479, -83.896147#http://33.987479, -83.896147#
DACULA METH. PLH See Pleasant Hill Community
DACULA TOWN DAC S side US 29 on Harbins Road. [5-301-007] 33.987479, -83.896147#http://33.987479, -83.896147#
DEAN DEA Was on Jimmy Carter Blvd. at Singleton. Moved 1969 to Peachtree Memorial Park, Norcross
DEAN (black) BGT See Buggtown
DEATON DTN Beside 2188 Sunny Hill Road off SR 124. One grave [7-102-17] 3 graves by 2166 Sunny Hill Road
DELONG GHO See Gholston
DESHONG CND See Chandler-Rice
DICKENS DIC NE cor. Burns Rd. & Indian Trail. Plowed over 1980
DILLARD OMR See Omer Christian
DOBBS DBS I-85 access rd. at Thompson Mill exit at Spout Springs Rd. [3-003-007]
DOBY-ECHOLS-WILKINSON DOB In front yard of 3274 Lee Road, across from Lenora Park, W of Lenora Church Road. 33.786161, -84.001361#http://33.786161, -84.001361#
DODD JND See Jennings-Dodd
DOUBLE SPGS. DBL Between Tucker & Stone Mountain. [DeKalb 18-216,217]
DOUGLASS-KING-WISDOM DOU W side Suwanee Dam Rd., behind lake, in woods (within the city property of Sims Lake Park, 4600 Suwanee Dam Rd). 34.071354, -84.077887#http://34.071354, -84.077887#
DULUTH BAPT. (Org. 1886) DUB Main Street S of Duluth Meth. Cem. aka Duluth Town.
DULUTH CHURCH DUC Duluth Town/City / Duluth Methodist / Duluth Baptist 34.001201, -84.147920#http://34.001201, -84.147920#
DULUTH METH. (Org. 1871) DUM Once called Duluth City Cem. Main Street W of old church.
DUNCAN CREEK CONGREGT'L. (Org. 1855) DUN N side SR 124, E of Rock Quarry 34.072180, -83.898256#http://34.072180, -83.898256#

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