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Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
[Unidentified] 51 Rockbridge Road 33.875625, -84.152217#http://33.875625, -84.152217#
ABBOTT ABT In Hutchins plot PMC
ADAIR ADA S side US 29, across from Davis Mill Shopping Center [5-079-098]
AKERS AKS 6192 Meadowbrook Drive, Norcross. Destroyed 2009. 33.887713, -84.193398#http://33.887713, -84.193398#
ALCOVA BAPT. (Org. 1868) ALB S side Alcovy Rd., SE of Sweet Pond Road 33.962062, -83.921404#http://33.962062, -83.921404#
ALCOVIA PRESBYTERIAN APW E side Luke Edwards Rd., Bold Springs Walton Co. From 1822 until 1889 there was an Alcovia Presbyterian Church in the Bold Springs area. Most likely this is it. (On an old topographical map, Luke Edwards Rd ran through what is now Harbins Park and on to 33.895776, -83.825790#http://33.895776, -83.825790#
ALLEN (black) FRB TEST See Freeman, Suwanee
AMBROSE ABS On J.J. Hinton homeplace [5-299?]
AMBROSE AMB Within a driveway island in front of house. 323 New Hope Rd, Lawrenceville [5-148-530] 33.947753, -83.975943#http://33.947753, -83.975943#
ANDERSON, David DAH Single grave across from his home, S. Rockbridge Road near Juhan Rd [R6-009-013]
ANDERSON-MAGUIRE AND SW of powerline easement. Dennis Springs Road, Centerville [4-348-151] 33.768587, -84.054642#http://33.768587, -84.054642#
ANDREWS ADR Behind 4631 Lucern Valley Road. Access is between 4621 and 4631. [6-74-405] 33.840976, -84.098116#http://33.840976, -84.098116#
ANTIOCH BAPT. (New) ANN S side of SR 124, Hog Mtn 34.072177, -83.896210#http://34.072177, -83.896210#
ANTIOCH BAPT. (Old) ANT N side of SR 124 by church (Org. 1888) 34.072337, -83.897079#http://34.072337, -83.897079#
APPALACHEE BAPT. (black) ACC 258 Rabbit Hill Road, Dacula 33.993232, -83.922758#http://33.993232, -83.922758#
APPALACHEE BAPT. (black)(Old) AOC E side Dacula Rd., S of Appalachee River, in woods
APPALACHEE BAPT. (Old) OLA W side Appalachee River, NE of Gwinnett.
APPALACHEE BAPTIST ABC N side US 29, Auburn 34.011494, -83.848005#http://34.011494, -83.848005#
APPALACHEE SHOALS (black) APS 553 Tanners Bridge Circle, Bethlehem. Barrow Co. 33.898041, -83.757041#http://33.898041, -83.757041#
APPLING APL Near Mt. Moriah Bapt. Church
ATKINSON ATK W side Atkinson Rd., .4 mi S of SR 120. Vacant lot between two homes in the Village of Nelms Pointe subdivision and across the street from the Westfield subdivision entrance. 33.971612, -84.075510#http://33.971612, -84.075510#
ATKINSON, Pete AKI Off Atkinson Rd. at Purcell Rd. Office Park there, prob. Lost [7-044-009]
ATTAWAY ATT Infant buried there 1902, nr. Bethabra. Later exhumed, unknown where re-interred
AUBURN CITY AUB N of US 29 on Mt. Moriah Rd., West of dirt road 34.014468, -83.829320#http://34.014468, -83.829320#
AUBURN METH. (Org. 1892) AUB See Aubrn City
BAGGETT BAG Rosebud Rd. across from Haynes Creek Church
BAY CREEK BAY NW corner of Bay Creek Church and Shiloh Roads Loganville, Walton Co. 33.85222, -83.86147#http://33.85222, -83.86147#
BEARD BRD Graves moved or left to be flooded by Corps of Engineers for Lake Lanier
BEARD(J.T.O. Beard Family Cemetery) Norcross BEA aka Bethel Missionary Bapt., org. 1869 33.927022, -84.240114#http://33.927022, -84.240114#
BELL ROB See Rogers-Bell, Fulton Co
BENNETT BTT Piney Grove, Loganville Walton Co 33.840592, -83.833656#http://33.840592, -83.833656#
BENSON-KILE (Sugar Hill) BNS N side SR 20, E on Sycamore, go 1.6 mi., cemetery on right; multiple box graves inside fence on side of road,  34.132239, -84.047416#http://34.132239, -84.047416#
BENTLEY-BENSON-KIRKLAND BEN NE corner Holcomb Bridge Rd. & Spalding Dr., Norcross 33.970018, -84.259562#http://33.970018, -84.259562#
BERRY BEA See Beard(Norcross)
BERRY BER Single grave of John at Hog Mtn
BETHABRA BAPT. (Old)(Org. 1813) BTO NE of Mulberry & Jim Johnson Rd. 34.057171, -83.760310#http://34.057171, -83.760310#
BETHABRA BAPT. (Org.c. 1881) BET Old Thompson Mill Rd. at SR 211 North, Winder 34.064881, -83.785066#http://34.064881, -83.785066#
BETHANY MISSIONARY BAPT. (Org. 1848) BBC 2395 Bethany Church Rd., Snellville S of US 78 33.833146, -84.068539#http://33.833146, -84.068539#
BETHEL BAPT. (black) NBL See New Bethel Bapt., Centerville
BETHEL BAPT. (black)(Norcross) BEL
BETHEL PRESBYTERIAN BEP Now Old Peachtree Presbyterian. Old Peachtree Road near Scales Road. E of Duluth 34.016278, -84.096182#http://34.016278, -84.096182#
BETHESDA BAPT. BTH Believers Bapt(2015) Bethesda School Road, SE corner Thompson Road 33.934535, -84.079686#http://33.934535, -84.079686#
BETHESDA METH.(Org. 1827) BSM .2 mi SE of US 29 on Bethesda Church Road, Lawrenceville 33.918252, -84.084704#http://33.918252, -84.084704#
BETHLEHEM METH.(Barrow Co.) BHM Inc. here only obits. Cemetery originally in Walton Co 33.92561, -83.70586#http://33.92561, -83.70586#
BETHLEHEM METH.(Hall Co.) BMH Peachtree Blvd., across from Gwt. 34.14834, -83.97796#http://34.14834, -83.97796#
BILLEW BLW Grayson [5-136-11A?]
BODY TO SCIENCE BTS Body donated for research
BOGGS MEW See Mewborn
BOOZER BZR York Court SW, Snellville
BORN-LUCAS BOR SR 20, Loganville Walton Co
BOYCE BOY E side Holcomb Bridge Rd., .5 mi S of Spalding Corners [6-304-005a]
BRADEN-HUDGENS BRH In fork of Rockbridge & Harmony Grove Roads, Lilburn(1989). Road later moved. 33.860169, -84.143330#http://33.860169, -84.143330#
BRADEN-LANKFORD BRA Old Tucker Rd., S of Old Rosser Rd 33.853584, -84.160991#http://33.853584, -84.160991#
BRAMLETT BSH On Bramlett Shoals Rd., S of Martins Chapel, N of New Hope Rd. Single grave in yard
BRANAN, Leroy BNL In yard, 1718 Rivermist Drive near Hewatt 33.856424, -84.064697#http://33.856424, -84.064697#
BRAND BAD Shannon Road off Bay Creek Road, Loganville [5-192 or 193]
BRAND-BENNETT BDB Off Bay Creek Road, Loganville [5-191-002,3]
BRANDON BDC SW of US23 & Bunett Road [7-209]
BRANDON-CLOWER BDN 3 miles N of I-85 off Suwanee & Burnett Rds 34.032311, -84.069997#http://34.032311, -84.069997#
BRANNAN BRN On Dyer Farm 2 miles on road from Bryan's old store
BRASWELL BSW N side US 78 near Walton Co [5-160-028]. 4062 Atlanta Hwy/US 78, Loganville(2016) 33.846756, -83.911498#http://33.846756, -83.911498#
BREWER-QUINN BRQ S side US 23, E of Church St., Duluth [7-202-116] 34.004499, -84.138272#http://34.004499, -84.138272#
BROCK-REID BCK S side Ace McMillian Road, cross Brooks Road, go .25 miles, cemetery on right. At the rear of 1825 Green Alder Dr (2006) 33.938725, -83.883890#http://33.938725, -83.883890#
BROGDON BRG Under big tree, 5117 Suwanee Dam Rd., Suwanee. Single grave, gone; subdivision built over
BROOKS (Norcross) BKS Was on Norcross-Tucker Rd. Moved 1971 to Norcross Town
BROOKS-TURNER BTR .6 mile S of US 78 in Parkwood Forest Subdivision [6-049-312]
BROWN (Buford) BWN Off Buford Dam Rd. 34.147430, -84.028350#http://34.147430, -84.028350#
BROWN-CLARK BCR NW of US 29, off Midway Church Rd. Contains two readable headstones and numerous fieldstones and cairns with perimeter outlined by stones. .1 mile up Appalachee Ridge Road (private drive) on right. Against bank a few feet from road. Barrow Co 33.989285, -83.839348#http://33.989285, -83.839348#

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