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Cemeteries in grey are listed under another name.

Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
DUNCAN CREEK RD DCR Spout Springs Road turn rt on Duncan Creek, first drive on rt.
DEAN DEA Was on Jimmy Carter Blvd. at Singleton. Moved 1969 to Peachtree Memorial Park, Norcross
DICKENS DIC NE cor. Burns Rd. & Indian Trail. Plowed over 1980
DOBY-ECHOLS-WILKINSON DOB In front yard of 3274 Lee Road, across from Lenora Park, W of Lenora Church Road. 33.786161, -84.001361#http://33.786161, -84.001361#
DOUGLASS-KING-WISDOM DOU W side Suwanee Dam Rd., behind lake, in woods (within the city property of Sims Lake Park, 4600 Suwanee Dam Rd). 34.071354, -84.077887#http://34.071354, -84.077887#
KING DOU See Douglass-King of Suwanee
DEATON DTN Beside 2188 Sunny Hill Road off SR 124. One grave [7-102-17] 3 graves by 2166 Sunny Hill Road
DULUTH BAPT. (Org. 1886) DUB Main Street S of Duluth Meth. Cem. aka Duluth Town.
DULUTH CHURCH DUC Duluth Town/City / Duluth Methodist / Duluth Baptist 34.001201, -84.147920#http://34.001201, -84.147920#
DULUTH METH. (Org. 1871) DUM Once called Duluth City Cem. Main Street W of old church.
DUNCAN CREEK CONGREGT'L. (Org. 1855) DUN N side SR 124, E of Rock Quarry 34.072180, -83.898256#http://34.072180, -83.898256#
EBENEZER BAPT. (Org. 1847) EBC N side Harbins Road, E of Kilcrease Road, Dacula 33.951814, -83.831483#http://33.951814, -83.831483#
EIDSON/EDISON EID Winters Chapel Rd. [DeKalb 18-302]
MALONEY EID See Eidson of Norcross
EAST SHADOWLAWN ESH 87 Scenic Hwy, Lawrenceville 33.953479, -83.981253#http://33.953479, -83.981253#
EVANS EVA Whitley Road off Drowning Creek Road, W of Franklin [5-329-002]
EWING CHAPEL BAPT. (Org. 1908) EWC W side Ewing Chappel Rd., across from Givens Rd. 33.938182, -83.892291#http://33.938182, -83.892291#
FLINT HILL FHM aka Old Harmony, Old Norcross Methodist/Peter Littleton. Best accessed through the the Prologis industrial park 33.92231081, -84.22561554#http://33.92231081, -84.22561554#
HARMONY (Old) FHM See Flint Hill Meth., Norcross
LITTLETON, Peter FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
MEDLOCK CHAPEL FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
NORCROSS METH. FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
OLD HARMONY FHM See Flint Hill Methodist
FRIENDSHIP PRIMITIVE BAPTIST (Org. 1835) FPB N & S sides Dogwood Rd., E of Oak Rd. 33.887721, -84.057001#http://33.887721, -84.057001#
FAIRVIEW PRESBYTERIAN (Org. 1821) FPC NE of SR 316 off SR 120, Lawrenceville 33.967923, -84.021171#http://33.967923, -84.021171#
Fraser-Frazer FRA 3775 Vinyard Way, near Five Forks. Fenced area next to home. 33.885044, -84.077091#http://33.885044, -84.077091#
ALLEN (black) FRB TEST See Freeman, Suwanee
FREEMAN (black) FRB aka Suwanee Negro or Allen. Cemetery St., off Scales Rd. 34.049235, -84.077195#http://34.049235, -84.077195#
SUWANEE NEGRO FRB See Freeman (black)
FORD FRD E side Pine Cove Drive, S of Five Forks. [5-087-197]
FAIRFIELD BAPT. (black) FRF N side US 29, Auburn 34.012399, -83.834702#http://34.012399, -83.834702#
FREEMAN FRM S on SR 124 through Centerville, right on Johnson Road. Cem. behind 3792 Johnson Rd. 33.791972, -84.047556#http://33.791972, -84.047556#
FARR-HAMILTON-THOMPSON FRR 853 Port West Drive off Fence Road. 34.036278, -83.883078#http://34.036278, -83.883078#
FOWLER FWL aka Gresham. SR 84 at intersection of Pinehurst. Graves paved over.
GRAVEL SPRINGS GBO E side of SR 20, S of SR 324 34.074118, -83.981337#http://34.074118, -83.981337#
GREER-BOWEN GBO E side SR 378 Norcross on St. Patrick's Cathedral Church property. Two sections enclosed by ornamental fence. 33.93633008,-84.18322457#http://33.93633008,-84.18322457#
DELONG GHO See Gholston
GHOLSTON GHO aka Delong. .4 mi. SE of Breckenridge Blvd on Old Norcross Rd. [R7-077-003]
GLOVER GLO Old Cumming Rd. at SR 20, Buford [7-321-16b]
GOBER GOB Behind 5806 Andover Way NW, Lilburn. [6-144-003]
GOODWIN (Duluth) GOO E side of SR 120, S of US 23 by Fire Station 33.997654,-84.138182#http://33.997654,-84.138182#
WATERS (black) GOO See Goodwin
GOSHEN PRESBYTERIAN (Org. 1833) GOP Used until 1861. SW corner Indian Trail & Beaver Ruin Rds. Gone by 1979.
GORDON, Thos. GOR 3211 Lenora Church Rd., Snellville 33.831582, -84.010362#http://33.831582, -84.010362#
GRACE BAPT. GR E side Scenic Hwy, Snellville 33.871352, -84.014280#http://33.871352, -84.014280#
GORDON-BELL GRD Abandoned tombstone - source unknown
GARNER, James GRJ Across from 1530 Oleander Lane SW [6-73-1] 33.849222, -84.092917#http://33.849222, -84.092917#
GARNER-PURCELL GRN W side Shady Lane, Lilburn [6-157-067]
PURCELL GRN See Garner-Purcell
GARNER, Thomas GRT 4394 Five Forks Rd., near Fire Station under power lines. [6-082-007]
GRIZZLE GRZ Old road off Bramblett Shoals Road half way on rt. from N Hope Road & Martins Chpl. [R5-215]
GRESHAM-WEED GSH Chamblee-Tucker Rd., Chamblee [DeKalb 18-285]
WEED GSH See Gresham-Weed, DeKalb Co.
GUTHRIE GUT Possibly in Rockbridge GMD or may be in RWF
GOWER GWR Lindsay Lane & New Hope Rd., Harbins dst. 33.932503, -83.863050#http://33.932503, -83.863050#
HACKETT HAC Behind 4137 Orchard Knoll, Norcross [6-313-169] 33.970900, -84.259319#http://33.970900, -84.259319#
HALE HAL aka Johnston. SW cor. Killian Hill & Seaboard RR. 33.890697, -84.127167#http://33.890697, -84.127167#
JOHNSTON HAL See Hale of Lilburn.
HAMILTON, Arch. HAM 3805 N Berkley Lake Road (was 3795) 33.989877, -84.184578#http://33.989877, -84.184578#
HANNAH HAN Johnson Rd., Centerville, .5 mi. S of Annistown Road. Doss says: a fenced area in the front yard of 3526 Johnson Drive between Annistown Road and Campbell Road. 33.798644, -84.052961#http://33.798644, -84.052961#
HARMONY HAR See Harmony Bapt., Buford
HARMONY BAPT. (Org. 1890) HAR SE corner Bogan & Thompson Mill Rds., Buford 34.116940, -83.965636#http://34.116940, -83.965636#
HAWTHORN HAW aka Plummer/Rutlege. Rosebud Rd., in front of Summit Chase Country Club, Snellville 33.847972, -83.957083#http://33.847972, -83.957083#
PLUMMER HAW See Hawthorn
HAYNES CREEK PRIM. BAPT. (Org. 1826) HCP W side Rosebud-Grayson Rd., between Pate & Loganville Rds. 33.825680, -83.962241#http://33.825680, -83.962241#
HEBRON BAPT. (Est. 1842) HEB Hebron Ch. Rd., NE of Fence Rd. Moved to this site 1844. 33.997985, -83.908346#http://33.997985, -83.908346#

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