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Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
LIETCH-CAMPBELL LIE 1854 Button Gwinnett Place, Norcross. 2nd house from Rockbridge Rd. Grave markers moved, disarranged when houses built in c. 1970 [6-170-099]. Updated address is 5930 Button Gwinnett Pl.
LIVSEY LIV Behind 3460 Briar Ridge Lane, S of Caleb & E of Mink Livsey Road. Chain link fence surrounding the cemetery area was erected as an Eagle Scout project. 33.795889, -84.017556#http://33.795889, -84.017556#
LOCKRIDGE-CRAFT LKD E side SR 317, N of I-85, across from Old Annandale Rd.(now a Lowe's), Suwanee. No headstones just field stones 34.037205, -84.052610#http://34.037205, -84.052610#
CHESSER LKR See Lockridge-Herrington
LOCKRIDGE-HERRINGTON-CHESSER LKR Suwanee Creek Road, .25 mi NW of Wildwood Road, cem. on East. Behind 1240 St. Ives Court, Suwanee [7-166-18] 34.020589, -84.078287#http://34.020589, -84.078287#
LIBERTY MISSIONARY BAPT. (1st bur. 1976) LMB S side Level Creek Road between North Gwinnett High School & Sugar Hill. 34.08823544, -84.06079145#http://34.08823544, -84.06079145#
LANGLEY LNG S side Suwanee Creek Road near #3544. 34.028259, -84.086284#http://34.028259, -84.086284#
LONG LOG Rosebud Rd., Grayson
LOVELESS (Est. 1886) LOV aka South View. W side Harbins Rd., .75 mi. S of US 29, Dacula. Mausoleum and headstones inside rock wall 33.982252, -83.893735#http://33.982252, -83.893735#
LOWERY, Gus LOW Bur. near Duluth home 34.018974, -84.134226#http://34.018974, -84.134226#
LENORA BAPT. (Est. 1915) LRA NW cor. Lenora Ch. Rd. & Centerville-Rosebud Rd. 33.800301, -84.002035#http://33.800301, -84.002035#
LAWRENCEVILLE TOWN LTC aka Old Lwvl. Meth. on E Pike & US 29. 33.957339, -83.982200#http://33.957339, -83.982200#
OLD LAWRENCEVILLE LTC See Lawrenceville Town
PIONEERS LTC See Lawrenceville Town
LUXOMNI BAPT. (Org. 1895) LUX W side Luxomni Rd., S of US 29 33.899619, -84.116270#http://33.899619, -84.116270#
MAHAFFEY-JORDAN-JILES MAH E side McCart Rd., S of Paper Mill Rd. 33.943750, -83.954640#http://33.943750, -83.954640#
MT. CARMEL BAPT. (black) MCB W side Church St., S of US 23, Duluth 34.003551, -84.137655#http://34.003551, -84.137655#
McCART MCC See Mahaffey-Jordan-Jiles
McELVANEY MCE On Vulcan land, behind 2949 Hoke O'Kelley Rd., Grayson [5-195-002]
McCLUSKEY (black) MCL aka Shady Grove Bapt., S of US 29 via New Hope & Luke Edwards roads, S of Indian Shoals Rd. 33.910661, -83.854675#http://33.910661, -83.854675#
SHADY GROVE BAPT. (black) MCL See McCluskey of Harbins
CROSS ROADS METH. (Old) MCM See Mt. Calvary Meth.
MT. CALVARY M. E. (Est. 1860) MCM aka Old Crossroads Meth-Epis. (Org. 1836) [DeKalb 18-253]
OLD CROSSROADS METH.-EPIS. MCM See Mt. Calvary Methodist Episcopal
BOGGS MEW See Mewborn
MEWBORN-BOGGS MEW Boggs farm, mi. W of SR 120, Lawrenceville. Destroyed
MAGUIRE (black) MGC 3d house on rt. after Pinehurst on SR 84, Grayson. Destroyed when road widened.
MORGAN MGN Hog Mt.-Braselton Rd. nr. Mineral Springs Rd. betw. Mt. Moriah & Antioch churches.
MATTHEWS, Henry MHW 1360 Indian Trail (was 1384 Hillcrest Rd) Norcross 33.917827, -84.163954#http://33.917827, -84.163954#
MILLER MIL Miller Road between Garner & Cole Roads, Lilburn 33.860753, -84.123220#http://33.860753, -84.123220#
McKENDREE METH (Org. 1883) MKM W of SR 317 on McKendree Church Rd. 33.989093, -84.029046#http://33.989093, -84.029046#
McKINNEY MKN In front of Calvary Bapt., N side US 29 Lilburn. Markers rearranged, not in original positions. [6-146-12b]
McMILLIAN MLN Old Drowning Creek Road, between Ewing Chapel & Harbin Roads. [5-278-004]
MILLS MLS On Killian Hill Rd. (possibly tract 371 in land lot 83) [R6-083-010]
MIDWAY METH. (Org. 1846) MMB On Old Lawrenceville-Jefferson Rd., E of Carl. 33.998591, -83.821778#http://33.998591, -83.821778#
MT. MORIAH BAPT. (Org. 1819) MMB S side SR 124 near Barrow Co. 34.070043, -83.856931#http://34.070043, -83.856931#
MINOR (black) MNR In grove near Annistown
MOORE, John MOO 2 mi. from Level Creek Ch. on rd. leading to SR 20 [7-290-003]
MORGAN MOR E side GA 211. Barrow Co
MARTINS CHAPEL METHODIST (Org. 1867) MRC E side Martins Chapel Road, 2 mi. SE of Lwvl. 33.947808, -83.927304#http://33.947808, -83.927304#
MOORE-HARRIS MRH Off Rosedale Road behind 2588 Creek Terrace Rd., Snellville [6-050-004]
MORROW MRW Was on E side Warren Morrow Rd. in Arrowhead Sub. Reinterred in 1996 at Gwinnett Mem. Gardens.
MATTHEWS MTB Mulberry Rd., Winder
MT. CARMEL METH. (Org. 1827) MTC 5100 S. Peachtree Rd., Norcross [6-286-026]
MATTHEWS, Rev. Thomas MTH Behind old Matthews-Young home, off Wynn-Russell Road behind Shady Drive, Lilburn 33.90333388, -84.13375055#http://33.90333388, -84.13375055#
MULBERRY BAPT. MUL Org. in 1876 in Jackson Co. This is second site, Thompson Mill Rd. 34.114383, -83.836609#http://34.114383, -83.836609#
MATTHEWS, Thos. & Nancy MWS NE cor. Killian Hill & RR. Paved over. Graves moved in 1996 to Luxomni Baptist Church Cemetery.
MT. ZION BAPT. MZB W side SR 124, Snellville, across from Mt. Zion Ch. Rd. 33.888935, -84.010419#http://33.888935, -84.010419#
MT. ZION METH. (black) MZM 285 Dacula Rd., Dacula. Formerly African Meth.-Episcopal 33.994636, -83.899909#http://33.994636, -83.899909#
NAZARETH METH. (Est. 1874) NAZ Between County Line Road & Jefferson Road. 34.027426, -83.775167#http://34.027426, -83.775167#
NEW BETHANY BAPT. NBH Holiday Rd. Graves moved here to form Lake Lanier 34.159244, -83.994080#http://34.159244, -83.994080#
BETHEL BAPT. (black) NBL See New Bethel Bapt., Centerville
NEW BETHEL AME (black) NBL Formerly Bethel. N side SR 124 at Yellow River & River Edge Subdivision. 33.773313, -84.057455#http://33.773313, -84.057455#
NESBITT NBT Near 3802 Medlock Bridge Road. Also Nesbitt-Stephens. Cemetery in trees between homes #3802 and #3812 per GHS map. Clara Nesbit home (c.1920) at 3776 Medlock Bridge Rd, Norcross. Now 5058 Wickford Dr (2016) 33.980125, -84.210319#http://33.980125, -84.210319#
NEW HOPE METH. (Org. 1880) NHM New Hope Rd., S. of Bramblett Shoals. 33.923501, -83.915007#http://33.923501, -83.915007#
NIX NIX 1451 SR 84, Grayson, NW of Ridgedale. [5-090-004]. Moved to Chestnut Grove(CGB) in 2000.
NORCROSS TOWN NOT 343 Cemetery St. New section aka Wright Cemetery. 33.938297, -84.209419#http://33.938297, -84.209419#
NEW PROSPECT METH. (Org. 1880) NPM E side Buford Dam Rd., N of Dodd Rd., Buford 34.146102, -84.026664#http://34.146102, -84.026664#
NEW ROCK SPGS. BAPT. NRS W Drowning Creek Rd., E of Harbins Rd. 33.976779, -83.868369#http://33.976779, -83.868369#
NESBIT NSB S. side US 29, W. of Jimmy Carter at DeKalb line. 33.867307, -84.190257#http://33.867307, -84.190257#
NASH, Walker NWL S side River Road at Louis Road. Lilburn [6-110-002]
MT. VERNON BAPT. (Org. 1874) OAK See Oakland Community
OAKLAND COMMUNITY OAK aka Mt. Vernon Baptist, New Hope Christian. Old Norcross Rd., NE of Oakland Rd. 33.951717, -84.061605#http://33.951717, -84.061605#
EWING CHAPEL (Old) OEC See Old Ewing Chapel
OLD EWING CHAPEL BAPT. OEC W side Ewing Chapel Road in woods, .7 mi. S of Brooks Road. [5-248-002] 33.938803, -83.894958#http://33.938803, -83.894958#
MT. PLEASANT BAPT. (Org. 1860) OFB See Old Field Baptist
OLD FIELD BAPTIST OFB Originally Mt. Pleasant now Peachtree Road Bapt. 34.024726, -84.047534#http://34.024726, -84.047534#
HOG MT.BAPT. (Old) OHM See Old Hog Mt. Baptist
OLD HOG MT. OHM See Old Hog Mt. Baptist
OLD HOG MT. BAPTIST (Org. 1854) OHM NW side SR 124 & Hog Mt. Church Road across from church. 34.051326, -83.926500#http://34.051326, -83.926500#

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