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Cemeteries in blue are unconfirmed - either they are a "best guess" or we haven't visited them to confirm GPS location.

Cemeteries in red were either destroyed or moved.

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Name Code Description map
BILLEW BLW Grayson [5-136-11A?]
BETHLEHEM METH.(Hall Co.) BMH Peachtree Blvd., across from Gwt. 34.14834, -83.97796#http://34.14834, -83.97796#
BUCHANAN-KING BNK Between 4483 & 4493 Burns Rd., Lilburn 33.910160, -84.137608#http://33.910160, -84.137608#
KING BNK See Buchanan-King of Lilburn
BRANAN, Leroy BNL In yard, 1718 Rivermist Drive near Hewatt 33.856424, -84.064697#http://33.856424, -84.064697#
BENSON-KILE (Sugar Hill) BNS N side SR 20, E on Sycamore, go 1.6 mi., cemetery on right; multiple box graves inside fence on side of road,  34.132239, -84.047416#http://34.132239, -84.047416#
BORN-LUCAS BOR SR 20, Loganville Walton Co
BOYCE BOY E side Holcomb Bridge Rd., .5 mi S of Spalding Corners [6-304-005a]
BRADEN-LANKFORD BRA Old Tucker Rd., S of Old Rosser Rd 33.853584, -84.160991#http://33.853584, -84.160991#
BEARD BRD Graves moved or left to be flooded by Corps of Engineers for Lake Lanier
BROGDON BRG Under big tree, 5117 Suwanee Dam Rd., Suwanee. Single grave, gone; subdivision built over
BRADEN-HUDGENS BRH In fork of Rockbridge & Harmony Grove Roads, Lilburn(1989). Road later moved. 33.860169, -84.143330#http://33.860169, -84.143330#
BRUMBELOW, Isaac BRI Across from 4165 Berkley Lake Road S. No markers 33.982278, -84.187728#http://33.982278, -84.187728#
BROWNLEE BRL W side Bethesda Church Rd. within new County Park 33.90268726, -84.08615006#http://33.90268726, -84.08615006#
BRUMBELOW, Lindsey BRM E side Berkley Lake Rd., S at Ridge Rd [6-288-024] 33.975641, -84.184887#http://33.975641, -84.184887#
GRISWELL BRM See Brumbelow, Lindsey
BRANNAN BRN On Dyer Farm 2 miles on road from Bryan's old store
QUINN BRO See Brewer-Quinn of Duluth
BREWER-QUINN BRQ S side US 23, E of Church St., Duluth [7-202-116] 34.004499, -84.138272#http://34.004499, -84.138272#
BROWN-THOMPSON BRW Herrington Rd., NW of SR 316. No markers [7-075-004] 33.964494, -84.079122#http://33.964494, -84.079122#
BRYAN BRY Was behind 2057 E Main St., Snellville. Moved 1990 to BBC
BRAMLETT BSH On Bramlett Shoals Rd., S of Martins Chapel, N of New Hope Rd. Single grave in yard
BETHESDA METH.(Org. 1827) BSM .2 mi SE of US 29 on Bethesda Church Road, Lawrenceville 33.918252, -84.084704#http://33.918252, -84.084704#
BRASWELL BSW N side US 78 near Walton Co [5-160-028]. 4062 Atlanta Hwy/US 78, Loganville(2016) 33.846756, -83.911498#http://33.846756, -83.911498#
BETHESDA BAPT. BTH Believers Bapt(2015) Bethesda School Road, SE corner Thompson Road 33.934535, -84.079686#http://33.934535, -84.079686#
BETHABRA BAPT. (Old)(Org. 1813) BTO NE of Mulberry & Jim Johnson Rd. 34.057171, -83.760310#http://34.057171, -83.760310#
OLD BETHABRA BTO See Bethabra Bapt, Old
BROOKS-TURNER BTR .6 mile S of US 78 in Parkwood Forest Subdivision [6-049-312]
BODY TO SCIENCE BTS Body donated for research
BENNETT BTT Piney Grove, Loganville Walton Co 33.840592, -83.833656#http://33.840592, -83.833656#
BUFORD (Section 3) BUD 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD CITY (Section 1) BUF Little Mill Rd., Buford 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BUFORD (Section 6) BUU 34.120834, -84.015018#http://34.120834, -84.015018#
BROWN (Buford) BWN Off Buford Dam Rd. 34.147430, -84.028350#http://34.147430, -84.028350#
BOOZER BZR York Court SW, Snellville
CADLE-McKERLEY CAD Off Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth 33.983917, -84.153386#http://33.983917, -84.153386#
CAIN CAI Dee Kennedy Rd. at SR 124, Hog. Mtn. Gone by 1984. Burials likely intact (Probable location) 34.072170, -83.844433#http://34.072170, -83.844433#
CALAWAY CAL Two graves in plot on hill at corner of Suwanee Dam & Buford Dam Rd., overlooking Lanier Middle School, may be more unmarked graves nearby 34.147654, -84.062820#http://34.147654, -84.062820#
CANNON CAN Behind 1996 Rockdale Cr., Snellville [R5-061-336]
CARROLL CAR Was on NW corner Rockbridge Rd.(spur now John Carroll Rd) & US 29. Moved 1987 to LIB.
CATES CAT S side Webb Gin House Rd., 1.5 mi. E of SR 124 33.908668, -83.983640#http://33.908668, -83.983640#
CAMP CREEK PRIM. BAPT.(Org. 1823) CCP Church St., Lilburn 33.876518, -84.128270#http://33.876518, -84.128270#
CEDAR CREEK BAPT (Org. 1851) CED Cedar Creek Rd., Winder 33.996975, -83.751689#http://33.996975, -83.751689#
CENTER HILL BAPT. (Loganville) CEN 33.790541, -83.953656#http://33.790541, -83.953656#
COFER-HAZELRIGS CFR Foxmoor Subdivision, in woods after first house on left on Lee-Ho Lane. 33.886951, -84.090694#http://33.886951, -84.090694#
HAZELRIGS CFR See Cofer-Hazelrigs
CHESTNUT GROVE BAPT.(Org. 1850) CGB S side Grayson-Rosebud Road, Grayson 33.884788, -83.959239#http://33.884788, -83.959239#
COLLINS HILL BAPT. (Org. 1906) CHB W side Collins Hill Rd., N of SR 316 33.998165, -84.013761#http://33.998165, -84.013761#
COURTHOUSE SQUARE CHS NW cor. old Courthouse Square, Lawrenceville 33.957092, -83.989298#http://33.957092, -83.989298#
CLOUD CLD Was on S. Lee St. .5 mi. S of US 23, moved 1994 to BUF. Also Anglin-Cloud
CLACK CLK E. of SR 324 off Fence Rd., N. on Clack Rd., .25 mi. on left. 34.050566, -83.858556#http://34.050566, -83.858556#
CONCORD METH. CNC Athens St., Winder 33.994224, -83.723872#http://33.994224, -83.723872#
CHANDLER-RICE CND 5304 Cumberland Dr., off Deshong Rd., Centerville [6-040-163] 33.796740, -84.095619#http://33.796740, -84.095619#
DESHONG CND See Chandler-Rice
CONNALLY-STRICKLAND CNS Off Settles Bridge & Moore Rds, Suwanee [7-285-006] 34.07810, -84.09530#http://34.07810, -84.09530#
STRICKLAND, Wilson CNS See Connally-Strickland
CORINTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CNT aka RAWLINS, Rockbridge Rd 33.826311, -84.123283#http://33.826311, -84.123283#
RAWLINS CNT See Corinth Baptist, St. Mtn.
COOPER/COOPER WOODS COO mi. W of Grayson-Rosebud Rd. on US 78 Snellville. Behind 405 or 375 Loganville Rd. across two fields. [R5-092]
CAMPBELL CPB Centerville-Rosebud Rd. at Zoar Ch. Rd. [6-014-052]
CRAIG, Robt. CRA SW of home on Five Forks-Trickum Rd. 33.916348, -84.018296#http://33.916348, -84.018296#
CROSSROADS BAPT. (Forsyth Co.) CRB Some graves moved here in 1956 by Corps of Engineers from area to be flooded by Lake Lanier
CORDURY-ROGERS (Fulton Co.) CRD Off Rogers Bridge Rd., Duluth 34.041538, -84.142962#http://34.041538, -84.142962#
CRAWFORD/CROWFORD CRF NE side Meadow Church Way, one lot in from SR 120.Relocated to Hillcrest Cemetery, Buford (2005) (34.12080685, -84.01486323) 33.979071, -84.102899#http://33.979071, -84.102899#
CRAIG (black) CRG Off Huston Road SW of US 29. [5-82]
CARRELL CRL Old Norcross-Tucker Rd., Norcross [6-191?]
CRUCE-CRUSE CRU S. off Club Dr., end of utility rd., across from water plant [6-179-034]
COSBY-HARDIGREE CSH Hammond & Bowman Mill Rds. Barrow Co (was Jackson Co) 33.978458, -83.642490#http://33.978458, -83.642490#
CARL TOWN CTC N. of US 29, behind water tower in Carl. On Cemetery Road 34.007780, -83.811550#http://34.007780, -83.811550#
DACULA TOWN DAC S side US 29 on Harbins Road. [5-301-007] 33.987479, -83.896147#http://33.987479, -83.896147#
ANDERSON, David DAH Single grave across from his home, S. Rockbridge Road near Juhan Rd [R6-009-013]
DOUBLE SPGS. DBL Between Tucker & Stone Mountain. [DeKalb 18-216,217]
DOBBS DBS I-85 access rd. at Thompson Mill exit at Spout Springs Rd. [3-003-007]

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